Link'd up

Okay, folks.  The Twitter follow-me button is ready to roll again.  I think.  And I even know what I did wrong. 

Next question -- when I update my blog or store, does it show up on your Twitter?  'Cause it's not showing up for me.  Of course, Tweetdeck has stopped opening on my computer and has made it clear that it hates me.  I think we may break up. So, help a girl out - am I tweeting out there?!

It's freezing in here.  If only I had some manner of warm bag of...rice, or something.  *brrr* ;)


Bad Link Luck

Hello, everyone!  I just wanted to let you know that someone sweet has let me know that my Twitter link doesn't work. I've been having trouble with Twitterfeed not tweeting when I've updated either the shop or the blog.  So, I'll be looking into this and trying to make sure all my links are up and working in the (very!) near future.  I'll let you know when I've fixed it, and if you find anything else that's broken, please do let me know! Thanks so much to Work At Home Mom for letting me know.

Other cool news around the shop is that we'll soon be offering a muscle rub for sore muscles.  We swear by it around here since we're both decrepit, so I know you'll love it.  

In addition, we have Mullein Oil bottled up and ready to go, Comfrey Oil ready to be bottled, and new washcloths and cleaning cloths that will be for sale shortly.

The coolest thing I have to report is that we'll be offering our products for sale in a brick-and-morter shop here in the Valley very soon.  My cousin owns a local flower shop, and they're branching out to offer cool natural products as well.  Today I met with Jade and introduced her to our products (hooked her, basically...), and she invited us to offer our products in their stores as soon as we're ready.  We are both totally excited about this, so give some love to Blakemore's Flowers as a big thank you and to encourage them to continue offering this great opportunity to local companies!

We're hanging out at home tonight, and tomorrow I fully intend to spend all day in front of the sewing machine. Have a great weekend!


We interrupt your St. Paddy's celebration to say....


If you'd like to visually visit Ireland and lust after the beauty that it entails, please feel free to visit our personal blog.  For those folks who already visit both our personal and business blogs, I'll spare you the recap.  Everyone else hop on over.

We now return you to your regularly scheduled corned beef & cabbage, Irish stew, Guiness, and soda bread. 


Slooooowwww Internet....

Our internet access is a bit wonky this week.  I'm not sure what's wrong, but only one laptop in the whole house is working reliably right now.  Bear in mind that one of us (not me) runs a computer business out of our house, so we have (at last count, I think) 4 desktops and two laptops.  And that's just ones that work, not ones being salvaged for parts or waiting for new life to fill their little CPUs.  Or the one in the spare bedroom, just waiting for all its parts to join it.  Nope, that's just down here in the office.  And one is currently able to access the internet most of the time.  

The problem seems to be our ancient router.  Not to worry, because we'll eventually replace it. Especially since it's affecting not just our internets but because we also can't access the XBox Live account to use our wonderful Netflix.  Which is known around here as NetCRACK, we love it so much.  So I don't anticipate this being a long-term issue.

Another possibility is that it's not even our fault, and that the internet seems to be broken all over our neighborhood.  Since we can't connect to any of the servers we usually can.  Not that we'd ever use a neighbor's server, no sir not us.  Nope.  But if we did, we can't.  Yeah.  

So, needless to say, no Entrecards have been dropped, little blogging is getting done, and I'm frustrated.  Right now, it's working so I'm taking advantage of the situation.  We'll see what happens afterwhile when I'm off to drop a bit.  

Meanwhile, thanks for all the three-column love!  Also in the works:  I've worked on paper-based crafts for ages, and figure I may as well put some cards and such up to sell.  So tell me...what do you think of the name 3 Cats Cards for my new venture?  I like aliteration just a little, can you tell?  And as a division of Baileys Basics, what better wat to go then with a couple of C's?  Name-picking is always the hard part for me.  But I think I like it....you?