Fun Stuff I'm Doing

Last night I finished up a small gift that I've been working on and wanted to share it with you all. Surf on over to our family blog to see what's up. Here's a clue.....


Maybe Coming Soon?

Happy New Year!! Here's a little look at some things that may be coming soon to my shop.

You may know that I have an in-home daycare. In searching for good, quality toys for my little friends to play with, I discovered the absolute fun of making felt play food. I made a set for a little girl my mama knows, and am working on a set for my kiddos here at daycare. Hopefully I'll be adding these sets to my online store and to the brick and mortar shop here in town that sells Baileys Basics items. These pictures are of food made from acrylic and Eco felt. I'm currently looking at sources for 100% wool felt, so there may be some color differences in the food that eventually hits the shop. Meanwhile, here are some of my favorite things these days....

Full breakfast of two pancakes with syrup and butter, 2 rashers of bacon, and two eggs

Cheeseburger on sesame seed bun with lettuce, tomato, and pickle, with ketchup and mustard

2 sugar cookies and 2 fudge cookies, each with icing and sprinkles

2 toaster pastries, strawberry and fudge with icing and sprinkles

Ripe, red strawberries