New Look

I know, it's been a long time since we posted anything! But, we've been busy. And we've had to rethink our business a little bit. We're currently shifting from focusing on our on-line sales to building a brick and mortar presence here in the Valley. We're streamlining our product line and yet adding a few new items, too.

Some of the cool new things we'll have in-stock soon are baby slings, baby wraps, kids' cloth napkins, and reusable quick-mop covers. The salves that are the best-liked with our customers will stay, like Skin Salve, Plantain, Comfrey, Tame That Tushie!, and Breathe In. We'll hopefully be adding Stiff and Sore to our on-line offerings as it's been a huge hit with our customers here at home. Teas? They'll be the same. And, of course, we'll still have our scouring powder in several fragrances and laundry powder available. All in all, it's a move in the right direction as we remember that this is a HOME based business. No sense in neglecting the "home" part, right? This way we will still be able to offer great customer service but won't feel guilty if a week goes by without grating soap....

Do you love the new look? A good friend who is a graphic designer put the new logo together for us. Our packaging will slowly be changing to include it, and it'll be featured on our sewn products as soon as possible. If you'd like information on good design work, please email us for his details.

We've had a good summer taking it easy, but hope to be posting here more often. Of course, no posting means someone is busy grating soap and grinding herbs!