Happy Fall!!

Ssshhhh....Don't say anything, but....

We're getting ready for Christmas!

Not here in the house, but in preparation for what we hope to be the first of many Christmas' (Christmases?!) here at Baileys Basics.  I've has been collecting Christmas-y fabric and planning new adventures with the sewing machine.  Our closets are full of fresh-made salves and teas, and we're officially running out of room for our inventory.  Brian's getting used to seeing pots of various green things brewing on the stove and no longer bothers to ask.  He just makes his requisite trips to the post office (he really is the shipping-guy-extraordinaire that he promised to be!), is looking for the right lightbulb for the new lightbox (a whole 'nother post!) and may be teaching me to use Dreamweaver to build websites.  Cool!

It's officially Fall, and we're finally able to settle down at home after the summer wedding season.  We're looking forward to cooler weather, all the yummy goodies that come along with that, and I personally am looking forward to all the creating that I get in the mood for with the cooler seasons.  

What can you expect for Christmas here in the shop?  Well.....  
Hot & cold therapy packs
Baby boo-boo bags
Spiced mug coasters
Menthol chest rub for congestion
Cold & flu tea blends
A calming tea blend
A salve for the men in your life (sandlewood!! yum!)
Crocheted goodies, and maybe some hats!
Gift boxes, gift boxes, gift boxes
If I can settle on a pattern I like, maybe bags.  

We were gone all weekend, and are happy to be settling in after seeing the rest of the Baileys family.  Now that life has slowed down, I'll be posting more frequently here, and hopefully our full website will be up and running at some point.  Until then, enjoy the Etsy store, and be sure to check out all the awesome folks there!

Have a great Monday morning, and Happy Fall!


Exciting Stuff A-Comin'

There are exciting developments coming, we promise.  There is a collaboration in the works with the very cool chick who runs The Copper Cauldron.  Check out her soap.  Imagine soaps, salves, and other goodies in coordinating scents.  Essential oil scented goodies.  Just imagine it.  
As soon as Andrea gets the tension on the sewing machine perfected (long story; she shouldn't have touched it), rice bags will make an appearance.
That appearance will be pretty awesome, since a new method of taking photographs is around the corner.  We've been busy around here, we promise.
Other things you can look forward to in the very, very near future are Tame That Tushie! butt balm, Comfrey Salve, Lavender Plantain Salve, and a good calming tea.  
Don't forget, if you need good computer service in the Rockingham or surrounding areas, please check out Silverback Computers.  Keep Brian busy, and Andrea will make more salves while he's gone.  Or maybe sew a bit.  Either way, stay well and keep healthy.  And if you can't, we'll help fix you up!


Cool Stuff Coming

Hold on to your hats, 'cause rice bags are a-comin'.  Andrea's been working on sewing up muslin bags and covers to take care of your every headache and muscle pain need.  Pictures are coming soon, so keep checking back!

As an update, the Bundle of Joy Box for boys has been sold.  If Brian can aquire another appropriate box, it may return.  Until then, we'll post some more gift boxes soon!

Enjoy your weekend, and stay dry!