Start Your Christmas Shopping NOW!

It's that time.  It's Black Friday. 
And, in honor of that auspisious day, we're having a 
So, start your shopping right now, right here.  Take a look at all these great ways to save:

**10% off all products Thursday, November 27th  through Tuesday, December 2nd

**Returning customers from June 1st - November 26th will receive an additional 10% off

**All orders will include a coupon for 10% off your next order. 

**All orders from 11/27 through 12/1 will be entered in a drawing for a $10 gift certificate.  A random number generator will decide who wins.

Now, that's a sale!  There are way (way!) too many new things in the shop to list them all here, so you'll have to make due with an excellent photo collage.  Enjoy it, and pop by the shop.  While you're at it, show some love to all the ladies over at Team Christian Artists and Crafters, as well as my darling friend at The Copper Cauldron.

Psst!  Why are you still here?! You have shopping to do!


Baby Boo Boo Bags

These little cotton bags are perfect for bumped heads, skinned knees, and maybe even hurt feelings. They feel great on sore gums when your baby's teething, too. Keep the bags in the freezer so they're always ready for when your little one loses a fight with the coffee table. When microwaved for 30 seconds, they provide moist heat for sore muscles and nursing mommies. A great part of any mom's first-aid kit!
Boo Boo Bags are made of unbleached cotton muslin with a 100% cotton cover. The cover unbuttons to be washed Please wash it in cold water with no bleach and lie flat to dry. DO NOT wash the inner bag! The buttons are securely sewed on; please check them before giving the bag to your children.

This set of Boo Boo Bags features two sizes to better meet your first-aid needs. The larger bag is 5 X 6 inches (12.7 X 15.24 cm) and the smaller is 5 x 5 inches (12.7 X 12.7 cm. Both weigh an average of 6.5 ounces (184.3 grams). Each set comes tied in with a grosgrain ribbon with a use and care card.  Pink, cream, or blue ribbon are available upon request.

Hunters' Handwarmers

These small, camo bags are a perfect size for slipping in a pocket to keep your favorite hunter's hands warm while out in the stand. They're great for warming up cold hands before the hunting day begins, too!
Hunters' Handwarmers are made of 100% cotton flannel, filled with rice, and are machine finished for durability. Hunters' Handwarmers are approximately 4" by 4" (10.16 cm X 10.16 cm), and weigh approximately 4 ounces (113 grams). The set of two arrives tied with a jute string with use and care instructions attached.
To warm, simply microwave the handwarmers in 30 second intervals. Gently shake or knead the bag between intervals to distribute any hot spots and avoid scorching. We won't say there aren't other ways to warm these bags, but please be safe and remember that flannel is flammable. Baileys Basics is officially not liable if you burn down your hunting cabin looking for new ways to warm your hands!

Holiday Mug Rugs

These cute coasters are filled with herbs and spices that smell great when gently warmed by your hot beverage. They'll give your coffee, tea, and hot chocolate a place to rest and fill your room with a yummy holiday scent while protecting your furniture!

Each mug rug is made from 100% cotton fabric, is approximately 3.5-4 inches square (8.89-10.16 centimeters) and is machine finished for durability. Please DO NOT wash these coasters!
Mug Rugs are sold in sets of four, and are available in a red fabric with white snowflakes, or a holly pattern on a cream background. Each set of four is tied with a jute string and includes a use and care tag.  Coming soon in other patterns, featuring peppermint scents!

Hot and Cold Therapy Rice Packs

Hot and Cold Therapy Rice Packs are perfect for sprains, strains, or pulled muscles. We use these rice packs for all manner of injuries, but would remind you to seek any medical attention necessary before use. 
Keep one ready in the freezer for anytime you need an ice pack. In addition, you can microwave our rice packs for moist heat for stiffness and injuries, too. Use a hot rice bag to warm up on chilly evenings, or to pre-heat a cold bed. 
Our rice packs are made of 100% unbleached cotton muslin and feature a removable cover of 100% cotton that is machine washable. The buttons are securely sewn on; please check them before allowing a child to use a rice pack. 

The four rice packs in the shop now measure between 7 and 9 inches, and all weigh an average of 20 ounces. 

Make that Christmas Bags

We're branching out!  We'll have gift boxes available (I just picked them up the other day from our supplier) and now we'll have handmade drawstring gift bags, too!  If you have a collection of items that you'd like to have in a gift bag, please don't hesitate to ask; custom gifts are tons of fun!  Meanwhile, here are the ideas we have so far:

Love Your Home Gift Box:  contains Laundry Soap, Scouring Powder, a Lotion Bar, and a handmade dishcloth.

Love Your Skin Gift Bag:  contains Skin, Plantain, and Comfrey Salves.

Headache Sufferers Relief Bag:  contains our Headache Tea,  a set of two Mug Rugs, and a Headache Relief Eye Pack

Mom's First Aid Kid:  contains Tame That Tushie butt balm, a set of Baby Boo Boo Bags, and Plantain Salve.  Also available in a winter-themed box.

Gentle Hands Gift Bag:  contains a set of Holiday Handwarmers (coming soon), and a Lotion Bar. Also available in a cute mitten-patterned box!  Also available with Hunters' Handwarmers if you need a camo-fix.

Dying Of a Cold bag:  contains our Cure For The Common Cold tea bags, a set of two Peppermint Mug Rugs (coming soon), No More Congestion Chest Rub (coming soon) and a hot/cold therapy Rice Pack.

That's a general idea of what all is in the works.  If you don't see me around a lot, it's because I'm chained to the sewing machine! Brian is working extra-long hours at his day job (night job, overnight job, etc.), so I'm using the time to get our shop in Christmas shape.  Check back often, and visit our Etsy shop for all your Christmas gift-giving needs!


Christmas Boxes!

Christmas Gift Boxes are a'comin'!  
Trust me, they really are. 
 I picked them up today, and will be filling them up and taking pictures as soon as I can. 
Other Christmas goodies are on the way, too, I promise!!