Lotion Bars
$3.00 each
approximately 2.5 ounces
These lotion bars have been a big hit with many of our families and friends.They’re great for hands and feet, and we like to keep on by the sink to use after washing up. Made of high-quality oils and formulated for maximum moisturizing, they will keep your skin protected throughout the day or night.If you have a preference for a shape, please let us know, or we’ll pick for you. Each bar weighs approximately 2.5 ounces, and will last quite a long time. Please keep it out of direct heat and water to prolong its life. As these are lightly honey scented with locally-sourced, raw beeswax, you may see a bit of darker specks through the bar from the wax. Each bar is wrapped in tissue paper and sealed with a label listing ingredients. Lotion bars make thoughtful gifts for friends like nurses, teachers, or others who must wash their hands a lot, too!

Ingredients: beeswax, olive, grapeseed, coconut, sweet almond, and vitamin E oilsOrdering and shipping information may be found here.
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Works in progress!

Things are jumpin' here at Baileys Basics! We're looking forward to offering gift boxes soon, including boxes geared toward expectant parents or new babies, and housewarming gifts. There will be a skin care gift box, too. In the process of getting these boxes up and ready, we've been pricing and sourcing supplies, including filler-paper for the actual boxes. After much deliberation, we decided to do our standard "find a better way to do it ourselves" sort of thing.... Enter the shredder and kraft paper!

Now, we're in the shred business. It's easier, faster, and keeps our costs down. In addition, shredding all that paper is therapeutic! We're pretty excited about the gift boxes, and hope all our customers will consider them when chosing a gift for friends or family! They look pretty good, if we do say so ourselves. Here's a glimpse of a box planned for a raffle.....

Another great work-in-progress was tested out this weekend at a family weekend. It's bug repellant! Formulated with essential oils that bugs hate, this salve-based bug repellant worked great. As of the end of the weekend Andrea only had one bite, and it was in a place she forgot to cover in salve! Namely, her foot. Brian never gets bitten, so he wasn't as interested. The repellant smells pretty good and has a great consistency. It will be available for purchase soon, but here's a photo of it, fresh from the stove......

Please check back soon for new products for sale, and for more work in progress!


New Prices

Hey, check it out! Our prices have gone down, in order to supply our customers with excellent products at even better cost! Pass the word!


Excellent new website

Thanks to the genius over at Silverback Computers, reaching our Etsy shop is now a lot easier. The shop is linked to our new domain, www.baileysbasics.net. Eventually, there will be an independent internet store there, but for now you can find Etsy easily by simply remembering our name!

This week, some new products hit the Etsy store. We'll be putting them up here in the next few days for local folks. New things will include a headache relief tea blend, a calming tea blend, and soon lotion bars! Look for sample sizes and gift packs to appear soon. Lately, Andrea has been crocheting like a mad-woman, so dishcloths, washcloths, and other yarn goodies will be available soon.

Friends and family of Baileys Basics can always take advantage of our Family Discount, and can always arrange for pick up or delivery. Let's all be a little more green!

Thanks so much for your continued support and encouragement, and for passing along our information to your friends. Have a great week!


Etsy Shop is UP!

The Baileys Basics shop on Etsy is offically up and open for business! If you have friends out of town, or in other countries, please pass on the address if you'd like.
If you're in Harrisonburg or Rockingham County, or if you know someone who is that would like our products, please order via this blog -- that way you avoid the shipping charges and can pick up your items (or we deliver!).
Thanks so much for your continued support, and for passing the links on to folks who might have a need for natural products!

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