Can you keep up with the changes?

Hello, all!  We have been busy as bees here in the Baileys household lately. You may have noticed the new blog design, as well as the new mini-stores in the sidebar.  We're listed on Etsy and Shop Handmade, so you can order our products there.  We won't be taking any orders from the blog anymore, as that's against the rules at Etsy.  So, pop over and order to your little hearts' content. As always, local cash pick-up is an option to keep us all eco-friendly.

Other great changes are the new pictures that you'll see here and in the shops!  I built a light box, and Brian tracked down the proper fixtures for it.  The result are some (hopefully!) stunning photos of our products.  Of course, I'm having trouble restraining myself from putting everything in the box and snapping a picture (truly, I am!).  You'll notice we updated all the products featured here on the blog, with new photos and more recent links.  We hope you enjoy them!

I'm is still sewing my little heart out, and someday soon Hot and Cold Therapy Packs and Headache Packs will be making an appearance.  We gifted three of our favorite family members with therapy packs recently, and actually remembered to get some photos of them!  So, as soon as Brian can work his computer-guru-magic on the memory card reader maybe you'll actually get to see them.  Guess what?  I stuck 'em in the lightbox. 

Another great thing is that we have officially gone international!  At least as far as readership goes.  We're still working on a good international shipping option.  It's just so expensive for people to order one little product and then spend $35 US on postage.  We're also following some ideas for making domestic shipping easier and cheaper, too.  

There are lots of changes -- check back often so you can keep up!  As always, let us know if you have any ideas, suggestions, critiques, or questions.  Thanks for visiting!

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agoodwitchtoo said...

Oh... I can keep up! Left you a little something on my blog, chickie!